Friday, August 31, 2012

I Love Custom Orders

I've got 2 custom orders from a friend of mine yesterday.
I love custom orders!
It's great to create something that I probably would have never thought of. And it makes me happy since it is kind of a sign that some people do like the things that I make. (:
I mostly crochet just cos it makes me feel great to create something with my hand (not to mention that I'm totally obsessed with yarns). But it's great to get some kind of feedback and appreciations from other people too!

But..the thing about custom orders is..the pressure is on me. It normally takes me several tries to get an item that I would happily list on my shop. So with custom orders, you have to think ahead a bit so I don't screw up so many times..

I'm happy with what I have so far thou! Can you guess what I'm making?!

This is my second piece, because for the first one, the yarn that I used for red was too thick and it makes the whole piece bulky. I pretty much messed it up! And the pink yarn that I used was mohair, and it was fuzzy. I liked the look of it so much and it was so soft. But it just made the whole piece looks untidy.

Thanks for dropping by and happy weekends! (:


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