Monday, September 24, 2012

Crochet Bag and Crochet Card

One of my close friend in Uni had her birthday last Friday.
So I had the pleasure of gifting my crochet stuffs to her! (:
I made this bag from Daisy Granny Squares, and you can find the pattern HERE.

I also went through my handmade cards for her and I found this card that I made probably a year ago.
I love those little crochet flowers! It is one of my favourite card that I made. I really hope she likes it too. (:

Sorry about the photos being blurry on the right side, I don't know what happened....I took them in a rush right before leaving for school in dim light..may be that was the problem (:

Today is the start of something special for me. Mitch is arriving here in Singapore from Australia tonight (he's on the way right nowwww!). I'm so excited, of course! (:

Hope you're having a nice day and thanks so much for dropping by! (:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My new obsession...

Hello hello (:
You know..I haven't been crocheting for the whole week!
I was obsessed with crocheting before then and I thought I'd better stop it cos it wasn't enjoyable anymore...
I can't afford to neglect my school work and I tend to do it when I get obsessed with this case, it is crocheting..

Anyway, I thought I'll take a break from crocheting and may be read books during my free time.
Mitch has been bugging me to read Harry Potter for probably 1 year, may be more... I felt like, it is such a long series and I'll take forever to finish it. I'm not a fast reader and I'm not a book-worm like him (although that's one of the many things I love about him!) :P
I finally gave in and started reading a week ago and I'm on the 5th book now! *gasps!*
I was such a nice girl going to bed at before 11pm but now I've been staying up till about 2am, reading..thinking to myself, just one more chapter, just one more chapter....

I"m not complaining thou :D I'm totally in love with the Harry Potter books now and guess what? I just booked tickles for Harry Potter Exhibition at Marina Bay Sand! It seems like Mitch is more excited about going to the Exhibition than seeing me :P But I know that can't be true!

I finished my first crochet "project" in a long while this morning..If you can even call it a "project".
It was only a small coaster.
You can find the pattern for it HERE.
I used a really small hook of 0.95 mm and Milford Soft yarn in Christmas Green.
My coaster measures about 11cm (4 inches) in diameter. It is a perfect size for me.
Here are the photos.

I love having some crocheted things. They make great gifts!
Christmas is only a few months away too and about time I start crocheting some things for Christmas gifting too. I think I'll make 3 more of the coasters and it will make a great coaster set. (:

Thanks so much for dropping by!

Oh and, a very nice lady that I met on Facebook had just started her blog, and I promised to her I'll share her blog on mine. You can visit her blog, "Frogging Grammy" and say hi to her HERE.
She's great at crocheting and I'm eager to read more blog posts by her! (:

Till next time~! (:


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Musings

I had been horrible with storing my yarns.
There were some in almost every drawer in my room, a few in my wardrobe and a couple on my table.
So I decided to do some tidying up today. (:

Hope you had a great weekend and ready for Monday! (:


Friday, September 7, 2012

Bags Bags Bags...

Bags by me (: That little card reads "KhinsBoutique @ Etsy"

Hello hello! :D
It's been a busy week for me....
I had been dead tired since Thursday morning and wanted to just skip all my classes..
But I know trying to catch up with the classes later is a lot harder and I pushed myself to be a good girl ;)

It's been a really productive week for me too!
As I mentioned in my previous post, I've got 2 custom orders and I was trying to finish them up quickly. I must say I'm pretty proud of what I have achieved.

Firstly...I managed to teach myself how to sew zips to a crochet bag. It took me about 3 tries to get it "right" (it looks right to be anyway). It was all worth it, since I can now crochet many pencil cases with zips!

Secondly...I learnt how to make a lining for my bags.
If you want links to lining tutorials, you can get them in my previous post.
I'm totally satisfied with my lining for the grey clutch.
I got the inspiration from this blog post.

Apart from all the crafty things, on a more personal note..
My love, Mitch is giving me a "surprise" visit in 2 weeks time! How exciting! :D
Well, he planned to visit me from Australia as a surprise during his 2 weeks holiday from school..
But, me, being a total kill-joy, teasingly told him a few days ago ''hey, why don't you come over here during your holidays since I will be having one week break from school too?"
And he was like "umm..OKAY!" and I was like "REALLY?!"
So, yep, I totally ruined the "surprise" element, but gosh, who cares, I'm totally excited and over the moon! (:

Anyway, I'm sure you want to see more photos of my bags! :D
Here they are..I took plenty just now to share with you all! (:

My very first crochet bag with a zip!

My grey clutch.

Close-up on stitches and button. The button is even more beautiful and shimmery in real life. (: 

Lined with grey fabric.

With the flap open.

That's all from my for today! I will probably be back to share with you the sling bags my sister made/has been making.

Have a greattt weekends! ((:


Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Time Lining a Bag :D

Hey everyone!
So, could you guess what I was making in yesterday's post?

I was making a pencil case!
And I decided to line it with some nice water-proof fabric that my mum had been hoarding. :D
This is my first time lining a crochet bag, and I'm glad it turned out good.
If you need help with lining crochet bags (I know I did!), here are a few links.

1) Futuregirl lining tutorials: how to make a lining and how to sew it to crochet bag.
    (Very detailed tutorials and fabulous outcome!)
2) Art deco lining tutorial:
    (Easy simple way, I followed this tutorial for my bag.)

Lining in progress :D
My fabric linings! Ta Da~!
Love the color combo of grey and pink
I need to add a little red bow to the bag and also a zipper.
I'll do it over the next couple of days, since I need to buy a few zippers first.

Hope you're having a greattt weekends! :D