About Me

I love crocheting.
I love making cards.
I love coffee. (Who doesn't?)
I love travelling and my regular visits to Australia to be with my fiancĂ©!
I love all things pretty.
I love BOOKS!
And I never seem to have enough time to do all those...
Well, except for the drinking coffee part and visiting my fiancĂ© part, I always have time for those, hehe..

My name is Khin Hnin Theingar Nwe (Khin for short!), I'm Burmese but been living in Singapore for a long time. I'm studying Civil Engineering (and loving it, oddly enough).

This is a place where I share my life adventures (non-life-threatening ones, of course) and my passions.

Thanks for visiting me and you can always leave a comment or email me, even if you just want to say hello! I love meeting people who share my obsessions interests and making new friends is always good. (: