Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Featured Shop: Rooted in Succulents

Hey everyone! (:
I just want to share this beautiful shop, Rooted in Succulents by Jessica.
I love succulents; they are just beautiful and so unique.
(But to be honest, I never knew those little plants are called succulents until, well, this morning.)
Jessica took a step further and make those adorable plants into eye-catching art pieces.

Wouldn't you just love to have it as a centrepiece for, say, your rustic wedding reception? How cool is that?!
And something even cooler than that...

It is such a beauty...
You could check out more of her beautiful creations, including wreathes, table top trees and other beautiful centrepieces in her Etsy shop and don't forget to say hello to her on Facebook page too.

Anyway, back to talking about the love for succulents..
I was just checking out some unique wedding bouquets (with me being engaged and all, just make me think of the big day more) and succulent bouquets always catch my attention.
They're untraditional and I like it that way. A little bit of uniqueness wouldn't hurt, would it?

Isn't it just beautiful?! And I bet they will last longer than those floral bouquets too.
So...the big question is..
Would you have succulent bouquet as your wedding bouquet?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Bowl of Sunshine

Hello everyone! (:
I was on the way back from class last Friday and, I went to my local craft supply store to get some beautiful new things. I have a long week break from school, so I thought I could make some new things for my Etsy shop.

I saw these colorful heart rocks and I just have to get some!
They are all such brilliant colors.
I wire-wrapped them using 26 gauge sterling silver wires and turn them into earrings.
There are a few more other colors, so I might be able to make a set of rainbow colors.

I hope you like it.
You can get them for $12 + postage on my Etsy Shop.
And you can use coupon code KHINSBLOG10 to get 10% off on your order at the checkout too! (:

I hope you're having a great weekends! (: 
Till next time.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Photoshop Actions!

I did a photo shoot with lovely Victoria from Yim Photography for my 20th birthday.
That is like over a year ago.

When I got engaged last year, I was looking for photographers to do our engagement photos in Australia and some of the photographers say they will not edit the photos for us.
So I panicked.

I messaged Victoria and asked her a few suggestions on editing photos and she introduced me to a whole new world of photo editing - using Photoshop Actions! Isn't she the nicest?

She gave me this link to Free Photoshop Actions by Pioneer Woman Photograph.
I was playing around with it and I just have to share with you the results.
They're so awesome and there are, of course, better actions that you can purchase.

Today, I used the Fresh and Colorful Action by Pioneer Woman Photograph.
It is my favorite action in that package.
Here you go.

Go check out how to use them and I hope you have fun editing! (:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Items - Swarovski Heart Earrings

Hey everyone!
I'm quite excited to share these new earrings that I just listed on my Etsy shop with you.
They are made of beautiful Swarovski heart crystals with different crystal effects.

You can click on the images and it will bring to my Etsy shop listings.

And guess what?
You can use coupon code KHINSBLOG10 at the Etsy check-out to get 10% off. 
You can use this coupon code on any item you want to purchase, of course.
Swarovski Crystal Earrings - Vitrail Medium
Swarovski Crystal Earrings - Vitrail Light
Swarovski Crystal Earrings - Bermuda Blue
Bermuda Blue is my favorite. What's yours? (:

Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY Bookbinding

Hey everyone! (:
Lots to catch up, but I guess I'll do it over a few posts.

I bound my very first book! And I'm totally excited about it!
It isn't anything fancy. I was just watching lectures on my computer and I realized I didn't have any decent notebook. And buying one would be too mainstream. I'm just kidding! :P

But yeah, I always have plenty of A4 papers and obviously lots of yarns and also craft papers.
And I remembered coming across this awesome book-binding tutorial.
It is soo easy. Sure, folding the papers in half is a bit painstaking when you're binding 60-pages book but I guess you can always do it while watching TV or something.
I didn't end up using chipboard or fabric like the tutorial did. I just used thick patterned papers.
You can sort of see the edges are a bit worn-out, since I've been using it for a few weeks now.
I guess I could use even thicker covers if I want it to be super-durable. But this one suits me just fine.
Oh and that awesome pen! (:
I think I'm actually more excited about it than the book.
I've been meaning to share it with you. For months, actually.
Mitch got it for me as a surprise and he got it engraved with a sentiment "Forever Our Story" and our anniversary.
I think it is such thoughtful gift since I write diary a lot and the sentiment is just perfect.
Engraved pen would be a great gift for anyone who writes poetry or journals, and the best part is you can make it very personal. (:
And I was kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner.

Hope you are having a great Monday. Mine was great, since school was short, which is always pretty awesome.

Till next time! (:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Doily a Day # 3

What was I thinking when I called this project "Doily a Day"?
Seriously! I can't possibly make one doily everyday, but hey, I guess I can come somewhat close to it...
The title kind of motivates me to think about crocheting/looking for doily patterns everyday anyway, which is pretty good.

Anyway, here is my #3 doily. (:
It has to be my favourite so far! Took me 2 days just to finish it. And one whole day to look for pattern that satisfies me.
I mainly browsed through Pinterest (totally addicted to it!) and pinned some on this board of mine, Crochet Doily Pattern.
Why I love it: This is probably my first doily that actually comes close to those vintage doilies. I mainly don't have patient for those big delicate doily (yet), but this one was perfect size for me! (:
I had a bit of trouble navigating British crochet terms, but it was all worth it! (:

If you're new to my Doily a Day Project, you can catch up HERE

Just sidetracking here a little bit; guess what I've got in my mail today?! 
Pretty, colourful briolettes! I can't wait to make some lovely jewellery with them.
Oh the possibilities....
That's all from me for today. Till next time ~ (:

Monday, February 4, 2013

Doily a Day # 2

Hello there! (:
I had a great start to my week. Especially cos I received this sweet letter from my fiancé today.
I love snail mails! (Thanks, Mitch)
I hope you're having a good day too. (:

Anyway...here are more photos of the doily.

Why I love it: I love that beautiful flower in the centre and love how I could just not do the rest of the rounds and use it as an appliqué on handmade cards, etc. The chart pattern is great too (It's hand-drawn, can you believe it?!). 

If you're new to my Doily a Day Project, you can catch up HERE

I hope the photos are alright. I had to take them at night since I had school till pretty late.
Hate taking photos at night! Such a pain...

I think it would probably need blocking or starching if I want to use it as a coaster, but I probably gonna hoard it along with my other doilies for now. So, this is good enough. (:
Hope you like it!

See ya tomorrow. (:

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Doily a Day # 1

Hello! (:
This is my first day of "Doily a Day" series.
What I'm gonna do is, I'm going to make one doily everyday and share it with you here.
I'm making them all in white, just so I can join them into something bigger. Not really sure what yet.
I think it is more fun not to have an end product in mind and just have fun making pretty doilies.

Here is today's one.

And the pattern is from Toma Creations. You can find the written pattern here.

I did change the last round thou. Instead of doing slip stitch for the last round, I did single crochet, 2 chains, single crochet in the next stitch and repeated around it.

Hope you like it. (: See you tomorrow.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hello there! (:
I've been busy since my uni has restarted and at the same time, I'm revamping my Etsy Shop.
If you have time, can you go check it out and well, critique it in the comment section. (:
You can be bloody honest - I'd appreciate that. (:

Anyway, here are some of my latest works.
They don't have anything crochet on them. But, I love the charms and sparkly Swarovski crystals.

I'll see you next time! (: