Sunday, August 12, 2012

Black Graceful Shell Shawl - Ta Daa~!

I finished the shawl about 2 weeks ago, but I finally had time to take photos last Thursday.
I wore it to Spotlight (of course, to buy more yarns!) and I really love it!

If you want to make one for yourself, HERE is the pattern.
But I didn't do the last row, because I ran out of yarns and I wanted to keep the shawl slightly small, so I can wear it to school without getting stares.

I used acrylic yarns and 6.50 mm needle.
I don't know the brand of the yarn, cos some nice lady gave them to me and I think she had them for a long time.

Here are the photos!

That's my little nephew, btw.
He sooooo wanted to be in the photo too! 

Right now, I'm working on a few projects.
I can't seem to just stick to one.
I'm trying to finish up a sling bag for my niece. You can see it in progress HERE.
I only needed to do 8 granny squares for my sling bag, but I misjudged the size of the square and ended up making 18 of them!....
That's why I've been taking so long to finish it.
But now, I can just use up all the squares that I made and list one on my shop for sale. (:

And I just started on my laptop sleeve yesterday. I guess I am one-sixth done.
I'll post photos soon.

And today, I started making more crochet rose bookmarks like this one.

I've got more yarns today from Mitch btw!
One of the shop was having yarn sales and he bought some for me!
He even picked out the colors for me.....He is so sweet!

Here they are.

Tomorrow is my first day of school and I'm quite excited. :D
I even started reading the textbooks beforehand!
I'm hoping I can keep that kind of momentum!

That's all from me for today.
Hope you enjoyed your weekends!
Have a great day. (:


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