Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crocheted Hearts Flower Doily

Hi everyone!
How's your weekends been?
Mine had a crappy start, with waking up late and being 20 mins for exam! :(
Other than that, it's been great!

I finally had time to revamp my blog. I moved all my previous posts to a new private blog, just for the memories of it. And I'm doing a fresh start here again! I designed this blog, using Photoshop, hope you like it (: I used this colour palette from for my blog design. It's great to have a colour theme that I can easily follow, and I think brown and pink is a great match, somehow.

Anyway, enough rumbling. I'm just popping in to share with you this hearts flower doily that I crocheted.


Heart Petals Flower Doily

Pattern is from lovely MANDY, over at
And here's the LINK to the post with the pattern.

I used Moda Vera Bettle Yarn in colour no. 63. It's kind of chunky for crocheting, but I think it turns out still good. Thanks so much Mandy for the lovely pattern! (: I'll try again with smaller threads.

The colour is actually a lovely shade of purple, but I just can't get it on the turns out blue-ish..
It measures about 15cm in diameter.

Let me know what you think about it and hope you'll try out that pattern! It's super easy to follow and not complicated at all! (:


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving it a read. I like craft as well--crochet, knit, jewelry making, etc. Aren't they fun?! I use this site a lot: Hope you like it. Change "crochet" to "knit" in the url and you have a lot of knitting patters.

  2. Hi Khin

    Your doily has turned out nicely even using Beetle. It is my "go-to" yarn and I love it, but I agree that it is probably a bit bulky for a doily.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, I started doing the yarn reviews because I couldn't find anything anywhere to give me the information I wanted. While it doesn't help me much I'm hoping that it is helpful to other people. I get more hits on my blog from people doing searches for Moda Vera yarn than I do anything else!

    xXx Helen

  3. Hey Sarah! Thanks so much for dropping by, that's so sweet of you :D Love your writings, btw!
    and thanks so much for the websites too! I've been checking them out (:

  4. Hi Helen :D
    I commented on one of your latest posts, hope you saw it :D

    It's really so nice of you to do the yarn reviews. Moda Vera is my "go-to" yarn too, I especially like pure wool 8 ply. Beetle would be my second choice.

    Thanks for dropping by (: