Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crochet Rose Bookmarks

Hey everyone!
I have been doing crochet rose brooches for awhile and I really enjoy making roses.
I made one blue crochet rose and added a stem and 2 leaves to make it into a bookmark awhile back, and I posted on my Etsy shop. You can check the listing HERE.
It was sold out about a week ago and I re-listed it.

Those flower crochet bookmarks seem quite popular, so I made a few more today for my shop.

Click HERE for my shop listing

Click HERE for my shop listing

My school restarted and I haven't gotten time to finish my projects and I've been working on smaller things like appliques.

I found this beautiful flowers on Pinterest and I've been making it tonight in pink. It's half-way done. Aren't they just soo beautiful?

You can find the pattern HERE, but it is in Russian. You can use google translate, but it is pretty crap for crochet patterns.

But luckily...they have a crochet stitch diagram. Here it is..
It seems hard and the symbols used aren't the ones that I'm used to. 
But I hope this will help you read it. 
In Round 2, after the first 6 chains, it is treble crochet (American terms).
The T shape ones are half double crochet and in Round 3, the tall stitches after or before the 6 chains are double treble crochet.
I might write up a proper instruction for it anyway, just to help myself all the trouble of counting stitches from the diagram again and hopefully help those who love this pattern. (:

Until next time! (:



  1. what's the teardrop shaped symbol mean?

    1. teardrop ones are 3 chain, and then slip stitch into the first chain, so that it makes a pointy corner (:

  2. Hello Khin!

    My name is Noa and I'm a spanish girl. I've seen a picture of a rose bookmark on pinterest and I felt in love with it, so I decided to do one by myself. After that, I did some research to find the author of the original bookmark and I found your blog. I love it!

    I've written a post on my blog with my version of the bookmark (unfortunately, it's only in spanish, sorry). If you want to see it:

    In this post I've linked your blog as the original designer of the bookmark.

    If there is any problem, please, let me know.

    Best whises