Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I guess card-making bug has bitten me again...
And it is all this Tuesday Trigger form Moxie Fab World's fault! (:
This is my second card for this Tuesday Trigger and if you missed my first card, here it is.
More pics of my card.

For this card, I crocheted the little frame using a blush pink yarn. It took me awhile to get the size right. But I really like the result (: Scroll down for the crochet pattern.

I used the same pattern paper that I used for my first card.
My sweet fiancé came up with the sentiment. I think it's really cute and match my card perfectly! :D
I used alphabet stamps from studio g and I mentioned about them in my previous post.

I really hope you like it! (:
I'm truly happy that I'm back into card-making and that I'm using crochet elements!
I try to keep things clean and simple thou; it's my favourite style.
Let me know what you think about it too (:

Here is the easy pattern for the frame I used on my card:

ch = chains, dc = double crochet, ss = slip stitch

Round 1: Make ch ring that is big enough to hold your picture. I made 50 ch, and ss to the first ch.
Round 2: 3 ch (count as 1 dc), follow by dc into the ring.
              Number of dc = multiple of 4. I did 14 x 4 = 56 dc
Round 3: ch 6, skip 3 stitches, ss into the 4th stitch. Repeat around the round to make the 6-ch loops.
              For last loop, 6 ch and ss into the first ch of the first loop.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Handmade Card with Crochet Roses

It's been probably about a year since I last made a card.
But since I've "liked" so many cardmaking pages on my Facebook, I keep seeing pretty cards and I've been itching to make one.

I was resisting the urge, of course, since I'm right in the middle of my final exams.
But this Tuesday Trigger from Moxie Fab World did it for me.

Isn't it the most gorgeous thing or what?! 
Oh, yes, they have patterns for those beautiful frames alright. Click HERE for it. (:
And yes, I think I'll be making those beautiful frames once my finals are over (((: 
They're so beautiful...

Anyway, to my card, I always wanted to use crochet appliqués on card. 
And this challenge is just asking for it!
It's a perfect marriage of my two hobbies. (:
I crocheted many roses using embroidery threads and I didn't use them all up.
So I decided to use a few on this card, but I realized how small the size of the handmade card is and I couldn't squeeze 3 roses in like I intended to.
It is just a simple card; I figured I'd just start simple since it's been so long since I did paper crafting.
I've crocheted a few leaves, but I ran out of green ones so I used the yellow ones on this card.
The sweet pattern paper is from Echo Park, bought it long time ago but still my favourite because of those 2 sweet flamingoes. 

Here are more photos of my card. 
Hope you like it (:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gift from Mitch by Stasia Illustration

My sweet fiancé, Mitch got me a beautiful and cutest drawing by Stasia Illustration on Etsy.
I got it in a mail 2 days ago and oh gosh, Stasia packed it in such a cute way!
I didn't even want to tear the envelope and open it...It was packed so neatly and stamped with personalized stamps of her drawings. Just look at that! Adorable!

After admiring the cuteness of the packaging, I opened it eventually, and gosh, I found an adorable painting inside!

Mitch knows what I like! :D We both LOVE reading and books, so this drawing is perfect.
Just like Stasia said in her LISTING, "Reading in bed, the happiest place in the world." True that! (:
The drawing name is "Bedtime Story", and you have to check out the rest of her shop too! (:

I love her style of drawing: it's really cute and clean, but not over-the-top "kawaii".
And right now, I'm so tempted to buy these postcards by her! 

Stasia creates her prints-in-house on her wonderful large-format Epson printer.
The print was so professional and perfect to the smallest details. You can tell I'm a very happy customer. ;) And thanks Mitch for such a sweet and thoughtful gift.


Here are links to Stasia's shop and her other pages:

Etsy    Facebook   Blog  


I hope you're having a nice weekend! (:


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rose Brooches and Packaging Fun!

I have finally finished the rose brooches order from Marie on Etsy.
12 roses in red, black, pink, dark green and grey.

Also, I bought an alphabet stamp sets from Studio G for S$2.90 from local craft store in Singapore, PaperMarket. I found an Etsy shop that sells those stamp sets too. It has many other fonts! I so want to buy all the sets. I had been looking for one like that, but they used to cost around S$20 and I just thought it's a rip-off!

I used those lovely stamps to stamp my shop's name on the brooch's cards. I love it! (:

It's quite neat, isn't it?
I'm off to sent off the brooches! Have a great day! (:

Monday, November 5, 2012

My Yellow "Chrysanthemum" Beret

Have you ever seen a close-up photo of a chrysanthemum flower?

It's a beauty, isn't it?
This yellow beret is inspired by the pattern of the chrysanthemum petals.
I wonder if you can see it. (:

Anywho, here are photos of me enjoying it!

As I have mentioned in my Neon Pink Beret post, I didn't follow any pattern for this beret as well.
I loveee free-styling! (:

Sadly, I have to stop making berets for now. I've got an order for 12 crochet rose brooches, and I'm making them whenever I can. Only 3 more to go now! 

This is the second last week of school before final exams, so I don't even have Monday blues. Cos that means holiday is coming up and that means I'll be in Aussie with my fiancé in a month time! I hardly can't wait! Oh yes, that also means I should be studying for finals, but we shall just ignore that part for now, okay?


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Crochet Today Gift Tags

I stumbled upon these cute gift tags while I was browsing Crochet Today website and just have to share with you!

They are exactly what I have been looking for for a long time! Perfect tags for when you're gifting your crocheted/knitted items to your loved ones.

Click on the picture to go to official page where you can download it in full size PDF file.

They come in 3 different color combinations. Hope you like it! (:

Friday, November 2, 2012

Crocheting Beret - Neon Pink

My little niece asked me, ''TT, are you going to Paris?" cos I have been crocheting berets and I can't exactly wear it in hot humid Singapore... 
Well, of course, I'm not going to Paris..I wish.. but I can't wait till Aussie winter! (:
I made my first beret last May and really loved it. But, when I got back from Aussie, I gave it to my niece and she loves it!

I crocheted 2 berets last week and it was sooo much fun!
I didn't follow any particular pattern at all. It is really easy to crochet one without following pattern once you get a hang of it.
May be I'll do a tutorial, but I'm still in the testing mode.
It is just a turn-off for me sometimes to have to follow patterns because of the is also not easy to get specific yarns that pattern calls for in Singapore..

For the neon pink beret, the six-pointed star pattern is from "ribbon crop-top" pattern in Crochet Today April-May 2007 magazine. I then joined up the pointed parts of the star with chains and increase the it using double crochets and more chains. I added the rim, which is about an inch thick, using single crochets.

Well, enough waiting ;) Here are the pics!

What do you think? :D
It is so addictive! I can make one in a few hours, really. And the result is so rewardinggg!
I was thinking of  making a few as Christmas presents. I'm not sure they are good enough or not...

Tomorrow I will be back to share with you my second one! I can reallyyy promise you that, since I've already took the photos! :D It is always so much effort to take decent photos..... 

I hope you're having a great week and weekend is coming!!!
Although I have school paper due on Sunday night, but still, weekend is a weekend, still fun and lazy.