Monday, March 12, 2012

Crochet Balloons Pattern


Hello everyone!
If you've been following my blog for a long time, you'd know that I used to have an obsession for paper crafting. In fact I made way too many cards; I still have them in my shoe boxes under my bed. I do give them for friends' birthdays and other special occasions but I guess I made just too many of them. And since I love crocheting, I crocheted some embellishments for my cards.
Here is my favorite one! You might be wondering why I'm posting this card. It's mainly because I've been getting many hits from those who are looking for crochet pattern for balloons. Since I've deleted all my old posts on card making, I think they can't find the balloon pattern that they're looking for. The photo from deleted blog posts still show up on google searches for some weird reasons, which is pretty annoying.
This pattern is from Elizabeth and you can check it out HERE.
I didn't do the tail part from the pattern thou. I must say this is my favorite crochet balloon pattern, and there aren't many out there!
So enjoy and share with me if you've used this pattern in any of your projects.
On a side note, if you love short stories, Mitch has posted some new stories on his blog, including a twitter fiction where he wrote a story using only 140 characters; short and intriguing! I hope you'll check it out. (:
Thanks for dropping by and hope you'll have a fabulous week!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Free Daisy Flower Crochet Pattern


IMG_20120219_161841 - Copy

Hello there (:
I made those flowers a few weeks back and I finally took some photos to share with you (:
I haven't used most of the flowers for anything, but I've used 3 of them to make them into a necklace.
I was kind of into jewellery making and I still have all the necessary tools and lots of supplies.

If you don't have the tools for making the necklace, you can just simply sew the 3 flowers together and use crochet chain as the necklace instead of the silver one that I'm using.


Anyway, here is the pattern for the flowers:

ch = chains ss = slip stitch sc = single crochet

6ch, ss into the 1st stitch to make a ring

Round 1: 1ch (counts as 1sc), 11sc into the ring, ss into the 1st ch to complete the round

Change yarn colour.

Round 2: [11ch, ss into the next sc] x 11 REPEATS, 11ch, ss into the ss of Round 1.
Fasten off and weave in ends.


Till next time (:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Current Knits

Hey everyone! (:
Well, firstly TGIF! I had a long week with 2 tests and lots of lectures.
Didn't the week just fly by?!
It's March now and that means it's a month closer to May, I'm going to Australia again in May :D
Can't wait!

So guess what? I've gotten back into knitting.
You see, I spent too much money on yarns, and I feel quite guilty to spend more on laptop case when I can just make one!
I've been intending to make one since, well, last December...But never got around to it..
And now that I need to bring my laptop to school pretty often, I need one kind of urgently.
Right now, I just stuff my laptop into my huge tote bag and I have a feeling I'd slam it against the door or something some day and break it...
Well, that's how I shattered my tablet's screen. I threw my bag onto my bed so hard, it slammed against the wall beside my bed and my poor tablet became pretty much useless [and it's a gift from Mitch too! :(..]

So, you see why I need a laptop case quite badly.
Anyway, here it is!



I'm liking how it's turning out so far. I'm hoping I've got all the measurements right and the case fits perfectly. I had to restart it about 3 times, cos I casted-on too many stitches.

When I finish, I'll share the free pattern with you! Stay tuned!

Happy weekends! (: