Friday, August 31, 2012

I Love Custom Orders

I've got 2 custom orders from a friend of mine yesterday.
I love custom orders!
It's great to create something that I probably would have never thought of. And it makes me happy since it is kind of a sign that some people do like the things that I make. (:
I mostly crochet just cos it makes me feel great to create something with my hand (not to mention that I'm totally obsessed with yarns). But it's great to get some kind of feedback and appreciations from other people too!

But..the thing about custom orders is..the pressure is on me. It normally takes me several tries to get an item that I would happily list on my shop. So with custom orders, you have to think ahead a bit so I don't screw up so many times..

I'm happy with what I have so far thou! Can you guess what I'm making?!

This is my second piece, because for the first one, the yarn that I used for red was too thick and it makes the whole piece bulky. I pretty much messed it up! And the pink yarn that I used was mohair, and it was fuzzy. I liked the look of it so much and it was so soft. But it just made the whole piece looks untidy.

Thanks for dropping by and happy weekends! (:


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Crochet Red Pencil Case

Hello! :D
Like I promised, I'm back with photos of my new pencil case!
I'm not gonna lie..this has to be my favorite thing I've made so far (:
I love the rich red color and the fact that I will be able to use it everyday at school.

I didn't follow any particular pattern.
For the pouch, I single crocheted a rectangle (roughly 7 inches by 8 inches) and folded in half and sewn the sides, making a 7 inches by 4 inches pouch.
And then, I added the flap using beautiful shell stitches. You can use any type of shell/lace stitches for the flap. I think it will be beautiful whichever one you choose.
I chose this beautiful shell stitch.

For the crochet diagram key, the dots are chains, the single straight line is single crochet and the plus sign/cross sign is double crochet.
I had a fairly hard time trying to work out the diagram keys since, well, I don't know Russian. Hope this help.
For starting chain, you can start with multiple of 6 (plus 2). So I started with (6 x 3) + 3 = 20 chains, just like in the diagram. are the photos of my pencil case! (:

I've started a new one similar to this in purple, for my friend.
Thanks for dropping by! 
Have a great day! (:


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Roses are Red

Teacher's Day is about a week away here in Singapore and my sister was thinking of what to get for her kids' teachers.
So I suggested, how about something crocheted?

She made 7 roses and turned them into really beautiful brooches!
I helped her with the packaging a bit (:
Here they are!

I'm sure the teachers will love it! Everyone loves something handmade/homemade, isn't it? (:
If you've made anything for your teachers/your kids' teachers, you can share your project in the comment section. I'd love to check it out! (:

Anyway, I finished crocheting a pencil case today. I'll take some pics soon to share with you.
Cheers! (:

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Pencil Case - Work in Progress

I'm hoping to finish it by weekends. 
I'm just doing single crochets for now and probably use shell stitches for the flap of the pouch.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pale Peach Sling Bag

Hi everyone!
I found this pretty photo on Pinterest a week ago and I clicked on the link and I found the pattern for it.

The pattern is written in Polish but there is a diagram and lots of photos, which makes it easy for me to understand and remember it fast! (: Click HERE for the pattern.
For the stitch diagram, the black dots are chain stitch and long really thick black lines are single crochet.
I think the symbols are a bit different from what I am used to. The double crochet symbol is the same thou.
The pattern is really easy since it uses only chain, single and double crochet stitches.

I just had to use that beautiful stitch to make my sling bag.
Here it is!

The back of the bag is crocheted using single crochet. (I forgot to photograph the back again....)
I used acrylic yarn and my favorite 4.00mm crochet hook.
The yarn is a lovely shade of peach, isn't it? I like it so much!

I finished making the lavender sling bag too (the one I mentioned in my previous post), but I haven't crocheted the strap yet. It is my least favorite part and I drag on for days to do it...
I'll come back with photos once I finish it! :D
So, what are you crocheting right now? (:


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Deep Red Chevron Sling Bag - Ta Daah~!

Hey everyone!
Hope your weekend has been going good.

Mine have been pretty productive! I finished this sling purse and I took some decent photos to post on my Etsy shop today. You can check out the Etsy listing HERE.
I made this using Moda Vera Blossom in Red. I must say it is such a great yarn!
It is soft and it is a decently thick yarn, which makes it pretty quick to crochet up this bag.

My sister has been making sling bags for awhile (you can see one of hers HERE).
Which remind me, she made 2 more of that bag in pink and she has been asking me to take photos of them for like a week now...I'll share with you when I finally get around to it.
Anyway, seeing her make those pretty bags make me want to give it a go and it turns out quite well.
I'm so happy with it! (:

Here are the photos for you.

I've already started on my another bag.
Here is the sneak peak!

Have a great day! (:


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crochet Rose Bookmarks

Hey everyone!
I have been doing crochet rose brooches for awhile and I really enjoy making roses.
I made one blue crochet rose and added a stem and 2 leaves to make it into a bookmark awhile back, and I posted on my Etsy shop. You can check the listing HERE.
It was sold out about a week ago and I re-listed it.

Those flower crochet bookmarks seem quite popular, so I made a few more today for my shop.

Click HERE for my shop listing

Click HERE for my shop listing

My school restarted and I haven't gotten time to finish my projects and I've been working on smaller things like appliques.

I found this beautiful flowers on Pinterest and I've been making it tonight in pink. It's half-way done. Aren't they just soo beautiful?

You can find the pattern HERE, but it is in Russian. You can use google translate, but it is pretty crap for crochet patterns.

But luckily...they have a crochet stitch diagram. Here it is..
It seems hard and the symbols used aren't the ones that I'm used to. 
But I hope this will help you read it. 
In Round 2, after the first 6 chains, it is treble crochet (American terms).
The T shape ones are half double crochet and in Round 3, the tall stitches after or before the 6 chains are double treble crochet.
I might write up a proper instruction for it anyway, just to help myself all the trouble of counting stitches from the diagram again and hopefully help those who love this pattern. (:

Until next time! (:


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Black Graceful Shell Shawl - Ta Daa~!

I finished the shawl about 2 weeks ago, but I finally had time to take photos last Thursday.
I wore it to Spotlight (of course, to buy more yarns!) and I really love it!

If you want to make one for yourself, HERE is the pattern.
But I didn't do the last row, because I ran out of yarns and I wanted to keep the shawl slightly small, so I can wear it to school without getting stares.

I used acrylic yarns and 6.50 mm needle.
I don't know the brand of the yarn, cos some nice lady gave them to me and I think she had them for a long time.

Here are the photos!

That's my little nephew, btw.
He sooooo wanted to be in the photo too! 

Right now, I'm working on a few projects.
I can't seem to just stick to one.
I'm trying to finish up a sling bag for my niece. You can see it in progress HERE.
I only needed to do 8 granny squares for my sling bag, but I misjudged the size of the square and ended up making 18 of them!....
That's why I've been taking so long to finish it.
But now, I can just use up all the squares that I made and list one on my shop for sale. (:

And I just started on my laptop sleeve yesterday. I guess I am one-sixth done.
I'll post photos soon.

And today, I started making more crochet rose bookmarks like this one.

I've got more yarns today from Mitch btw!
One of the shop was having yarn sales and he bought some for me!
He even picked out the colors for me.....He is so sweet!

Here they are.

Tomorrow is my first day of school and I'm quite excited. :D
I even started reading the textbooks beforehand!
I'm hoping I can keep that kind of momentum!

That's all from me for today.
Hope you enjoyed your weekends!
Have a great day. (:


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Custom Order - Silver/Gray Earrings

I finally finished making the custom order.
I had to hunt around for the yarn a bit, but I'm happy with the result.
I'm hoping my customer would like it too!

Here are the photos.

The crochet motif measures about 6 cm when hanging.
I'll be back with photos for my Black Graceful Shell Shawl tomorrow.

My uni is re-starting next week, so I'm not sure if I'll have much time for blogging, but I'll try my best!
Have a great weekends! (:


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fit for a Princess

Hey everyone! (:
Here is the purple Mini Capelet that I made for my niece!
I love it sooo much! It is such a pretty pattern and you can get it HERE.

Isn't she such a cutie pie?
She's a great model too :D I took those photos in a breeze!
It obviously beats me modelling my own items and trying to take pics on a self-timer! xD

It only took me one morning to make it! It was super quick and easy.
I didn't do much gauging too. I thought, if it turns out too big for my niece, I'd use it!
But it turned out perfect for my little niece and she loves it too.

For the pattern, instead of doing the "Edging and Ties" at the end, I just sew a button on and added a small loop for the button to go through.

I made a simple wrist warmers yesterday and I'm almost done with it!
I'll be back with photos in a few days.

This morning, I've got a custom order in my shop.
The customer wants this pendant in shiny silver color and she wants earrings instead of a pendant.
I'm excited to start on it!

Thanks so much for dropping by and hope to see you next time! (:


Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Sis's Little Dress for Barbie

Umm, no, that's not the Barbie that I was referring to in the title. That's just me. :P
I'm just teasing..
I just came back from beach and had a great time with my family and just want to share with ya.

Anyway, putting all the silliness aside, here is the little dress that my sis made for her daughter's Barbie.

Isn't it just so neat? So pretty, I want one for myself.
You don't think she'd mind making a life size one for me, do you? :P
I think she would...ah well..

She did tell me how she made it, but I don't have a proper pattern and I don't think she wrote down the exact pattern too. She said, she just measured the Barbie and adjusted the stitches accordingly.
I, for one, do not have that kind of patience..

Anyway, just a quick update since I forgot to mention about it yesterday.
I made a pretty purple Mini Capelet for my niece yesterday.
You can find the pattern HERE.
I'll come back with photos for the Mini Capelet soon.

Wishing you a great start to your week!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Capri Shawl, Ta Daaah!

I mentioned in my previous post about me finishing the Capri Shawl.
And I took a chance of photographing it tonight.
It is pretty hard to photograph large accessories and I'm just so used to photographing small things like jewellery.
I don't have a photographer around (in other words, Mitch! :D) to help me out or much space to work with. I used self-timer and lots of...patience....

Just in case you missed my previous posts, here are the details about the scarf.

- I used 2.5 balls of Moda Vera Alder (Color No.2), which is a really lovely lovely soft yarn. It is 100% viscose from bamboo. And I'm soooo in love with that yarn!
- You can find the pattern for the scarf HERE.
- I changed the starting chain to 22, just to decrease the width of the scarf, since I'm using thicker yarn than what the pattern suggests.
- You can see close up photos of the scarf in this post.


Have a great weekend! (: