Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Time Lining a Bag :D

Hey everyone!
So, could you guess what I was making in yesterday's post?

I was making a pencil case!
And I decided to line it with some nice water-proof fabric that my mum had been hoarding. :D
This is my first time lining a crochet bag, and I'm glad it turned out good.
If you need help with lining crochet bags (I know I did!), here are a few links.

1) Futuregirl lining tutorials: how to make a lining and how to sew it to crochet bag.
    (Very detailed tutorials and fabulous outcome!)
2) Art deco lining tutorial:
    (Easy simple way, I followed this tutorial for my bag.)

Lining in progress :D
My fabric linings! Ta Da~!
Love the color combo of grey and pink
I need to add a little red bow to the bag and also a zipper.
I'll do it over the next couple of days, since I need to buy a few zippers first.

Hope you're having a greattt weekends! :D


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