Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Updates

Hey everyone!

How's your weekend been treating you so far?
I get to do a lot of exercises on weekends - lots of biking and walking.
Had a fun time walking for like an hour yesterday to Mitch's work to spend time with him on his break. And then, biked back home in the rain. I'm glad I didn't catch cold! I was so sure I would fall sick, but go figure, I survived that just fine.
I'm not complaining cos of all the walking and biking, since I get to do it all on a beach road!
Here is a snapshot of it!

Can you spot a little boat there? I so want to be on it, even on this windy day. 

And the highlight of today has to be.....

Sweet Mitch took me out for dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant and they serve tom-yum soup too.
I've been craving for it for awhile. Not the authentic one, I must say, but I'm not complaining.
Warm and spicy soup do me just fine on this kind of cold day. (:

Back to my crocheting corner...

My Stash!
Someone gave me these 2 yarn balls awhile back and I'm thinking of using them to make a beanie.
Hoping 2 balls would be enough. They're pretty thick - 7.00mm hook recommended. They're alpaca wool, don't know if it is any different from the normal kind..any idea? I think they were bought years ago and probably discontinued by now. It is a beautiful combination of colors and absolutely soft and warm - can't wait to crochet it!
I will keep you updated on the progress, stay tuned!

Oh no, it's Monday tomorrow! Doesn't concern me much cos I'm on school holiday *evil grins*
I'm just kidding.. Hoping your week starts off nicely.
See ya next time.




  1. Khin I love Alpaca yarn I made a toque (winter hat)A couple years ago for someone at work.It turned out so good I regretted giving it away!Oh by the way it is Agnes Ryckman.I do not have an account on here.

  2. Hi Agnes! (: Thanks so much for the comment! Oh, I see (: did you take a photo to share? I can't wait to start crocheting it too. I'm currently looking for some nice pattern :D

  3. No pic but i could find the pattern and share it.

  4. I'd love that (: Thanks, Agnes (: I finished mine yesterday. I'll share it on blog soon