Saturday, August 4, 2012

Capri Shawl, Ta Daaah!

I mentioned in my previous post about me finishing the Capri Shawl.
And I took a chance of photographing it tonight.
It is pretty hard to photograph large accessories and I'm just so used to photographing small things like jewellery.
I don't have a photographer around (in other words, Mitch! :D) to help me out or much space to work with. I used self-timer and lots of...patience....

Just in case you missed my previous posts, here are the details about the scarf.

- I used 2.5 balls of Moda Vera Alder (Color No.2), which is a really lovely lovely soft yarn. It is 100% viscose from bamboo. And I'm soooo in love with that yarn!
- You can find the pattern for the scarf HERE.
- I changed the starting chain to 22, just to decrease the width of the scarf, since I'm using thicker yarn than what the pattern suggests.
- You can see close up photos of the scarf in this post.


Have a great weekend! (: