Saturday, October 6, 2012

It is like...Magic!

The last week of September was 'magical' for me...
Mitch visited me for awhile during his school holiday.
Since we've been big fans of Harry Potter, naturally, we went to Harry Potter Exhibition at the Marina Bay Sand.

It was on 25th of September. We were enjoying all the nice props from Harry Potter films and having a blast!
I thought this day couldn't be more perfect than that! I was so wrong, of course.
Oh yes...I have already talked about it over 10 times since my close friends and family want me to tell them in every details..Most of my friends kept asking until I have given them a lengthy account of it..

Anyway, so we were just really enjoying the exhibition and Mitch said we should go to less crowded rooms. We found an empty room and well, he was all sweeeet and loving and of course, he's always been like that, so I didn't see it coming...and next thing I know he was kneeling down in front of me with the most beautiful ring I've ever seen..asking me to marry him! I didn't hear much of what he said after that, since my heart was racing and I was over the moon! Of course, I said YES! It was so magical, ah yes, we keep saying that whenever we recall that day. Magical...quite literally! It was in a nice dim room, surrounded by all the costumes, wands and props from Harry Potter films. It couldn't have been more perfect than that! (:

We are planning to take our engagement photos in Australia in December, but still trying to find a photographer. I can't waitt!

I'm sure you want to see the ring?

Our Engagement Ring (:

It is so beautiful, isn't it? I wish I was wearing it right now, but, there's no way he could have guessed my ring size right, since I have tiniest finger..So we are getting it adjusted! :D

And of course, for once, I willingly paid the over-the-top price that they charged for photos at those kind of event. Mitch likes to think it is our (unofficial) engagement photo. :D Although..I wish my hair looked better than that!

Engaged at Hogwarts (:


  1. Congratulations,Khin!!! Im so so happy for you!! Im sorry if i missed this news, i just didnt have much time for blogging , but now i do. Who ever thought will be proposed and engaged at hogward

    1. Thanks Cathy! It's alright (: I saw the photos of your engagement party too! Congratulations to you tooo! :D you look so pretty ((:

  2. That is one beautiful ring!!! Cant wait for ur big day!