Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tiny Crochet Rose Brooches

Hey there! (:
How was your weekends?
I can't believe tomorrow gonna be Monday and I've got classes from 10 till 6....yikes!

But, I'm so glad I did some crocheting over the weekends and yes, I think I did do quite a lot of studying for my uni. I mean, I didn't stay up till 3 am studying like most do, but I don't want to spend my days like that. But I'm still pretty proud with what I've done so far.

Anyway, I don't think you want to hear me talk about boring things like school *winks*, so here is the fun part! :D

Crocheted Roses!

I love the colors! (: I used embroidery threads for all of them. The threads are made of mercerized cotton, which make them a little bit shiny, like silk. 

I told you they are tiny! (: Well, the roses are about 3.5 cm in diameter and I think it is a perfect size to wear it on blouses.

I used 0.95 mm crochet hook to make them. If you don't know how tiny the hook is, here is the pic for you.

The tip is pretty small, and of course, sharp, but it makes pretty roses, so I put up with it. :D
I enjoy making the roses a lot! But making the tiny leaves and sewing on the brooch pins on the back is, well...not so fun..

For the leaves, they are 1.5 to 2 cm in length and I have to weave in 2 loose ends. And weaving in ends is really painstaking, especially for small crochet things..If you have little threads coming out, it looks so untidy and you have to hide them neatly.

And sewing the brooch pin on the back means poking a small needle through pretty tightly crocheted roses. So, the needle won't go through easily and then, well..I've broken a few needles already..hehehe..In fact, I've gone through half a pack of 16 needles. But I might have lost some along the way, so you really should be looking where you sit if you were ever in my room..

It was still tons of fun making them thou! And I know it's worth it after seeing them all come together on my brooch pin cards..

Ta Daaa~!

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you'll have a great Monday (if there is such thing...)

Till next time! (:

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