Thursday, February 21, 2013

Photoshop Actions!

I did a photo shoot with lovely Victoria from Yim Photography for my 20th birthday.
That is like over a year ago.

When I got engaged last year, I was looking for photographers to do our engagement photos in Australia and some of the photographers say they will not edit the photos for us.
So I panicked.

I messaged Victoria and asked her a few suggestions on editing photos and she introduced me to a whole new world of photo editing - using Photoshop Actions! Isn't she the nicest?

She gave me this link to Free Photoshop Actions by Pioneer Woman Photograph.
I was playing around with it and I just have to share with you the results.
They're so awesome and there are, of course, better actions that you can purchase.

Today, I used the Fresh and Colorful Action by Pioneer Woman Photograph.
It is my favorite action in that package.
Here you go.

Go check out how to use them and I hope you have fun editing! (:


  1. You're looking beautiful as always, love, and great job at the photoshopping! Hopefully it works well on your jewelleries.