Thursday, February 7, 2013

Doily a Day # 3

What was I thinking when I called this project "Doily a Day"?
Seriously! I can't possibly make one doily everyday, but hey, I guess I can come somewhat close to it...
The title kind of motivates me to think about crocheting/looking for doily patterns everyday anyway, which is pretty good.

Anyway, here is my #3 doily. (:
It has to be my favourite so far! Took me 2 days just to finish it. And one whole day to look for pattern that satisfies me.
I mainly browsed through Pinterest (totally addicted to it!) and pinned some on this board of mine, Crochet Doily Pattern.
Why I love it: This is probably my first doily that actually comes close to those vintage doilies. I mainly don't have patient for those big delicate doily (yet), but this one was perfect size for me! (:
I had a bit of trouble navigating British crochet terms, but it was all worth it! (:

If you're new to my Doily a Day Project, you can catch up HERE

Just sidetracking here a little bit; guess what I've got in my mail today?! 
Pretty, colourful briolettes! I can't wait to make some lovely jewellery with them.
Oh the possibilities....
That's all from me for today. Till next time ~ (:

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