Sunday, December 23, 2012

Yarn Bombing in Adelaide

Couple of weeks ago, I was in Adelaide with my fiance. We were on a bus and I saw yarn bombing on a statue. Actually, Mitch saw it first and he pointed it out. I was so excited!

And a few days later, we went back again to the venue, which is Hilton Victoria Square and took plenty of pics! It is my first time seeing a yarn bombing in person and it was so cool! There were plenty more trees covered with crocheted/knitted items, but I think we were already looking pretty weird for taking so many photos, so yep, I decided not to take pics of every yarn-bombed tree.

Hope you're having a great weekends! (:
I finished making a cowl and already taken photos, so I'll be back really soon to share with you.


  1. wow... its pretty awesome...
    cause this is my first time see it.. :)
    sure it hard to do yarn-bombed tree look colourful like that...
    btw be with someone you love its must be happy moment eva.. :) LOL