Monday, February 4, 2013

Doily a Day # 2

Hello there! (:
I had a great start to my week. Especially cos I received this sweet letter from my fiancé today.
I love snail mails! (Thanks, Mitch)
I hope you're having a good day too. (: are more photos of the doily.

Why I love it: I love that beautiful flower in the centre and love how I could just not do the rest of the rounds and use it as an appliqué on handmade cards, etc. The chart pattern is great too (It's hand-drawn, can you believe it?!). 

If you're new to my Doily a Day Project, you can catch up HERE

I hope the photos are alright. I had to take them at night since I had school till pretty late.
Hate taking photos at night! Such a pain...

I think it would probably need blocking or starching if I want to use it as a coaster, but I probably gonna hoard it along with my other doilies for now. So, this is good enough. (:
Hope you like it!

See ya tomorrow. (:

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