Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Bright Yellow Crochet Cowl

Hey everyone!
How was your Christmas? Mine was great (:.
My family don't celebrate Christmas, but Mitch's family obviously does and I had a great time.
We have so much left-over food and I'm still having them today...

I was planning to share this cowl with you for awhile.
I used the pattern from MyPicot Club. You can find the pattern HERE.
It is such a beautiful lace pattern! I LOVE IT.
The pattern is not for crocheting in rounds, but I changed it up a bit and managed to crochet this cowl in rounds instead.

I don't know if I'd look weird to wear it to my college classes back in hot and humid Singapore, but I'm loving the look over my blouses. I might just be bold and wear it. :D 

And that's me and my photographer. It's always great to have him taking photos for me although he insisted that I wear my glasses...

This is my first crochet cowl and I'm loving it! Hope you like it too. (:
I'm on my second one right now and it is in royal blue. And I'm using daisy crochet stitch.
I'll share it with you soon enough! ((:

The yarn I used for this project is 100% acrylic and Mitch got it for me cos they were on offer and it was only $2 for 100 grams! It's pretty cheap yarn, but it isn't itchy or anything. It is really warm and sooo soft.
I did a bit of googling and you can purchase the yarn I used on this website, Alacraft.
Yarn used for my project
That's all from me for today.
If you've ever made a cowl and posted a pic or blog post about it, feel free to share it under the comment section. Thank you. (:



  1. Nice cowl!! :D Very cheery too.

    1. Thanks so much, Victoria :D I love that shade of yellow too