Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Obsessed with Bows

Hey everyone!
More bows coming your way!

I made these tiny little bow hairpins awhile back.
I managed to make a few of them in pairs. Yellow is my favorite!

They're so fun to make and I made them in a few colors. Here is a close-up.

I haven't listed them on my Etsy shop, since taking photos of them take so long, not to mention the time taken to edit them..

In fact, I'm thinking of backing off from online selling for a bit.
And even being featured on the front page of Etsy won't stop me.
Yep, this crochet necklace of mine was featured on the front page 2 days ago!

And some kind seller from Etsy sent me this screenshot which I'm very grateful for since I slept through the front page feature...

It was exciting and everything since I got about 700 views during that 2-hour feature. But I still am not sure if I would be listing more items. May be I will, but very slowly, since they take up way too much time and I have more fun crocheting/making them...

I just had that inspiration because I just recently found out about local craft fairs such as MAAD and Public Garden. And when I head back to Australia in a month time, they have plenty of craft fairs too in Adelaide. So I'm just in the mood lately to just make plenty of pretty things and just wait for the next craft fair. What do you think about it?

I'll hopefully be back with more. (:
I have test on Thursday and a few projects due really sooooon, so don't be shocked if I disappear for like awhile. (:


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