Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ombre Earrings

Hey everyone!
I made these 2 pairs of briolette earrings. One in ombre blue and the other in ombre green.

The green one reminds me of beautiful autumn leaves.
I'll just post the product photos here, so you can see the colors better!
It was so hard to get the earrings in focus when I was taking them on me.

I really love the colors and I'm so happy I got my hands on those beautiful briolettes!
It'll still be autumn when I go back to Australia next month and this just reminds me of all the beautiful autumn colors that I'll get to see!

And here are the blue ones! Blue will always be my favorite thou - cos I'm biased like that! ;)
You can check out more photos on my Etsy Listings:
               Ombre Blue Dangle Earrings
               Ombre Green Dangle Earrings

I just spent my morning making this beautiful rose bookmark for a customer from France.
I hope she likes it! (:

Have a greatt day! (:

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