Thursday, March 28, 2013

Crochet Bows!

Hey everyone! (:
Just popping in to share crochet bow brooches that I made today.

They're so addictive! (:
The pattern is so easy too.

I started with 22 chains, and then half double crochet into 3rd chain from the hook.
And I just used half double crochet throughout and did total of 8 rows of half double crochet.
After that I weaved in ends and simply wrapped yarns in the centre and you just made a bow!

More photos here!
I know the photos aren't perfect, cos I took it with my phone at night under my room's lights *gasps*
I hope you don't mind it so much.

There you go! (:
I know it's a longgg weekends in most countries, so I hope you will have a good one!
I probably will spend mine working on school project (not fun..), crocheting and reading with M.

Oh yes, I started using INSTAGRAM and if you're on it too, you can follow me @khinsboutique.
I think it is rather fun, but I really don't want to get addicted to it...Mitch wouldn't stop teasing me for using Instagram and I'm glad he's over it, at least for now :P

That's all from me for tonight. I think I'm gonna go curl up with Mistborn - a really great book that I'm currently reading.

Good night.

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