Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gorgeous Crochet Edgings on Skirt

The best thing about having a big sister who can crochet is..well..I don't have to do it myself!
(And she does it way better and quicker anyway..)
My sister crocheted this beautiful edge for me on my oh-so-short skirt.

I absolutely love it! (:
I've been meaning to crochet the edges myself for awhile, cos I really love that skirt.
But I guess it must have "shrunk" over the years and it flew everywhere on windy day....the disaster...

 She used crochet hook from Sharp Crochet Hook for the first row and did 5 rows of beautiful shells.
Now, my skirt hangs nicely and it doesn't fly in the wind anymore, which is always good, isn't it?
I like how the weight of the yarns weigh down the soft skirt nicely.

She's crocheting edging on another skirt now (lucky me! :D) and I'll share with you when it's all done ;)

Enjoy your weekends!