Friday, March 8, 2013

Earrings Cards DIY

Last night, I was up until about 2 am, busy printing my earring cards.
I designed them, with the help of Mitch and suggestions from my friends. Thanks so much for all the help, guys. (:
It was so much fun designing them. I had about 10 different floral cards but this one gotta be my favourite!

I especially love the font that I used, Scriptina. The most gruesome part of designing was picking out one perfect front from so many beautiful ones. I'm so glad I've made up my mind about it and done deciding on the design.

Since I'm on the subject of packaging, I thought I'd share with you the packaging that I did for my previous orders on my Etsy Shop.

I made those little bags out of tracing papers. I love how they are partly transparent (duh...) and they don't get crumpled easily.

So, how do you package your items?
Do you source them from others or do you design and make them all yourself?
You can leave your links to your packaging blog posts in the comment section cos I'd love to check them out. (:
Have a great weekends!

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