Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rose Brooches and Packaging Fun!

I have finally finished the rose brooches order from Marie on Etsy.
12 roses in red, black, pink, dark green and grey.

Also, I bought an alphabet stamp sets from Studio G for S$2.90 from local craft store in Singapore, PaperMarket. I found an Etsy shop that sells those stamp sets too. It has many other fonts! I so want to buy all the sets. I had been looking for one like that, but they used to cost around S$20 and I just thought it's a rip-off!

I used those lovely stamps to stamp my shop's name on the brooch's cards. I love it! (:

It's quite neat, isn't it?
I'm off to sent off the brooches! Have a great day! (:

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