Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gift from Mitch by Stasia Illustration

My sweet fiancé, Mitch got me a beautiful and cutest drawing by Stasia Illustration on Etsy.
I got it in a mail 2 days ago and oh gosh, Stasia packed it in such a cute way!
I didn't even want to tear the envelope and open it...It was packed so neatly and stamped with personalized stamps of her drawings. Just look at that! Adorable!

After admiring the cuteness of the packaging, I opened it eventually, and gosh, I found an adorable painting inside!

Mitch knows what I like! :D We both LOVE reading and books, so this drawing is perfect.
Just like Stasia said in her LISTING, "Reading in bed, the happiest place in the world." True that! (:
The drawing name is "Bedtime Story", and you have to check out the rest of her shop too! (:

I love her style of drawing: it's really cute and clean, but not over-the-top "kawaii".
And right now, I'm so tempted to buy these postcards by her! 

Stasia creates her prints-in-house on her wonderful large-format Epson printer.
The print was so professional and perfect to the smallest details. You can tell I'm a very happy customer. ;) And thanks Mitch for such a sweet and thoughtful gift.


Here are links to Stasia's shop and her other pages:

Etsy    Facebook   Blog  


I hope you're having a nice weekend! (:


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