Friday, November 2, 2012

Crocheting Beret - Neon Pink

My little niece asked me, ''TT, are you going to Paris?" cos I have been crocheting berets and I can't exactly wear it in hot humid Singapore... 
Well, of course, I'm not going to Paris..I wish.. but I can't wait till Aussie winter! (:
I made my first beret last May and really loved it. But, when I got back from Aussie, I gave it to my niece and she loves it!

I crocheted 2 berets last week and it was sooo much fun!
I didn't follow any particular pattern at all. It is really easy to crochet one without following pattern once you get a hang of it.
May be I'll do a tutorial, but I'm still in the testing mode.
It is just a turn-off for me sometimes to have to follow patterns because of the is also not easy to get specific yarns that pattern calls for in Singapore..

For the neon pink beret, the six-pointed star pattern is from "ribbon crop-top" pattern in Crochet Today April-May 2007 magazine. I then joined up the pointed parts of the star with chains and increase the it using double crochets and more chains. I added the rim, which is about an inch thick, using single crochets.

Well, enough waiting ;) Here are the pics!

What do you think? :D
It is so addictive! I can make one in a few hours, really. And the result is so rewardinggg!
I was thinking of  making a few as Christmas presents. I'm not sure they are good enough or not...

Tomorrow I will be back to share with you my second one! I can reallyyy promise you that, since I've already took the photos! :D It is always so much effort to take decent photos..... 

I hope you're having a great week and weekend is coming!!!
Although I have school paper due on Sunday night, but still, weekend is a weekend, still fun and lazy.



  1. Your hair looks gorgeous, my love <3 Oh, and the beret is nice too ;)