Monday, September 24, 2012

Crochet Bag and Crochet Card

One of my close friend in Uni had her birthday last Friday.
So I had the pleasure of gifting my crochet stuffs to her! (:
I made this bag from Daisy Granny Squares, and you can find the pattern HERE.

I also went through my handmade cards for her and I found this card that I made probably a year ago.
I love those little crochet flowers! It is one of my favourite card that I made. I really hope she likes it too. (:

Sorry about the photos being blurry on the right side, I don't know what happened....I took them in a rush right before leaving for school in dim light..may be that was the problem (:

Today is the start of something special for me. Mitch is arriving here in Singapore from Australia tonight (he's on the way right nowwww!). I'm so excited, of course! (:

Hope you're having a nice day and thanks so much for dropping by! (:

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