Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bobwilson123's Crochet Headband Challenge!

Hey everyone! Happy weekends! (:
I've been a big fan of bobwilson123's crochet tutorials on YouTube.
HERE is her YouTube Channel, and HERE is her blog.
She mentions about the ''headband challenge'' in this blog post.
This is my entry.


It only took me about 2 hours to make it.
Below is her YouTube video tutorial for this headband.

One of the criteria is to "decorate" it..
Instead of doing normal double crochet, I did ribbings, like she suggested in the video, by crocheting only in the front loops/back loops.
And used 2 shades of grey, instead of a monotone.
I didn't want to add flowers or anything, since the bow is already very beautiful.
I hope I have "decorated'' it enough.
If I added flowers or other things, I don't think I would wear it out.
(Edited to add: I added the yellow flower brooch in the second photo to qualify for the challenge, as suggested by the host, Clare. (: )

Thanks so much for dropping by and hope you could join her challenge too! (:
It's heaps fun and I might be making more for it :D

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