Friday, September 7, 2012

Bags Bags Bags...

Bags by me (: That little card reads "KhinsBoutique @ Etsy"

Hello hello! :D
It's been a busy week for me....
I had been dead tired since Thursday morning and wanted to just skip all my classes..
But I know trying to catch up with the classes later is a lot harder and I pushed myself to be a good girl ;)

It's been a really productive week for me too!
As I mentioned in my previous post, I've got 2 custom orders and I was trying to finish them up quickly. I must say I'm pretty proud of what I have achieved.

Firstly...I managed to teach myself how to sew zips to a crochet bag. It took me about 3 tries to get it "right" (it looks right to be anyway). It was all worth it, since I can now crochet many pencil cases with zips!

Secondly...I learnt how to make a lining for my bags.
If you want links to lining tutorials, you can get them in my previous post.
I'm totally satisfied with my lining for the grey clutch.
I got the inspiration from this blog post.

Apart from all the crafty things, on a more personal note..
My love, Mitch is giving me a "surprise" visit in 2 weeks time! How exciting! :D
Well, he planned to visit me from Australia as a surprise during his 2 weeks holiday from school..
But, me, being a total kill-joy, teasingly told him a few days ago ''hey, why don't you come over here during your holidays since I will be having one week break from school too?"
And he was like "umm..OKAY!" and I was like "REALLY?!"
So, yep, I totally ruined the "surprise" element, but gosh, who cares, I'm totally excited and over the moon! (:

Anyway, I'm sure you want to see more photos of my bags! :D
Here they are..I took plenty just now to share with you all! (:

My very first crochet bag with a zip!

My grey clutch.

Close-up on stitches and button. The button is even more beautiful and shimmery in real life. (: 

Lined with grey fabric.

With the flap open.

That's all from my for today! I will probably be back to share with you the sling bags my sister made/has been making.

Have a greattt weekends! ((:


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  1. Khin!!! it's really pretty. very neatly done!!!:) u're an expert!! good luck on ur shop!!! i hope it's doing well!!!