Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Free Daisy Flower Crochet Pattern


IMG_20120219_161841 - Copy

Hello there (:
I made those flowers a few weeks back and I finally took some photos to share with you (:
I haven't used most of the flowers for anything, but I've used 3 of them to make them into a necklace.
I was kind of into jewellery making and I still have all the necessary tools and lots of supplies.

If you don't have the tools for making the necklace, you can just simply sew the 3 flowers together and use crochet chain as the necklace instead of the silver one that I'm using.


Anyway, here is the pattern for the flowers:

ch = chains ss = slip stitch sc = single crochet

6ch, ss into the 1st stitch to make a ring

Round 1: 1ch (counts as 1sc), 11sc into the ring, ss into the 1st ch to complete the round

Change yarn colour.

Round 2: [11ch, ss into the next sc] x 11 REPEATS, 11ch, ss into the ss of Round 1.
Fasten off and weave in ends.


Till next time (:


  1. Great job on the pattern love, it's a great design! I especially like it on the necklace :D