Friday, June 1, 2012

A Day at the Park

It was last Wednesday.
Adelaide finally got some sunshine and we decided to go to Adelaide Botanic Gardens.
I love autumn - I think it is the most beautiful season.
This is probably my first autumn in a long time, since Singapore does not have season.
The garden was so beautiful with autumn leaves everywhere.
We had way too much fun taking pics and just walking around the park.

I took some photos of the sceneries. Here you go. (:

Autumn <3

There were so many bees in that beautiful bush..ekk!

Water lily - so beautiful.

Love the lights in this pic. Sweet Mitch had to take so many shots to get it 'perfect'.

And this gotta be my favorite photo of the day! (:

And I ended up with way too many leaves on my dress and leggings. :P

Hope this post makes you wanna go out there and enjoy the nature and sunshine! (:
Go for a walk or a run! It'll be fun.
Have a lovely day! Weekend is coming too (:


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