Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

It is such a simple concept that we tend to forget so easily.
"Rome wasn't built in a day."Since I started selling on Etsy, I have been reading discussion posts between the sellers.
A lot of them are just frustrated how come they aren't getting any views for their products, let alone making any sale.

I used to wonder too. How come I am not getting as many views and hearts?
Surely, there are sellers with hundreds or even thousands of admirers/fans for their shop.

And then it hit me. You can't just put about 10 items and expect people to discover you somehow and make a sale. As dumb as it sounds, that was want I used to do. And I get so discouraged when I am not getting a single view, let alone making sales. Well, I did make a few sales, all right. But I am really certain, they are just lucky ones. They must just really like that particular item and they do not intend to coming back, since I did not much to offer to them anyway.

Since I finished my first year of study in May, I have been working my butt off for the shop. At first, I thought, what am I doing wrong?! I am not getting any view... I watched every single video that applies to me on Etsy Online Lab. Most of the times, they are just like a broken record.
1) Great photos, preferably taken against white background.
2) Enticing descriptions.
3) Make it sounds personal, since people are coming to Etsy to make that personal connection. (Boy, don't I hear that way too many times.)
and etc...

But, of course, it don't stop me from watching the videos. I love the Etsy admins and they do remind me of the important things about running a shop, over and over again. I love watching the Online Lab videos especially when I am crocheting alone, since the admins and guests are so entertaining.

That being said, I realise that, sometimes, you are not doing anything wrong at all. I am not saying you are doing everything so perfectly. Of course not. You always have room for improvement. Sometimes, you are already on the right track.

But, most importantly, things just take TIME. "Rome wasn't built in a day." You can't just work your butt off for a month and get discouraged, because you aren't seeing the results. You have to be consistent. Work on it everyday, bit by bit. Do not expect to see the results so soon.

I used to get like 10 views for my shop everyday. I feel like such a loser. (:
But you know what, things are looking better now. I get hundreds of views these days, and I realize that if I had given up, I wouldn't have even made it here. I did consider giving up so many times.

If you have just started your Etsy shop, my advice to you is, work towards your goal steadily. Unless you already have an experience of running a shop, things will happen slow for you. But you will get there and boy, when you get there, it will be all worth it. I am still waiting for that day too. I am hanging on as long as it takes. I hope you do too.

Oh, and HERE is my new favorite song.
Duh, what else do you expect?
I think Mitch is pretty sick of hearing that song so many times, poor thing. (:

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  1. Hello Khin, I came to your post from the Singapore Etsy Team, and had to tell you that your post was particularly encouraging, especially since I just started on Etsy too. Thanks! Fiona