Friday, July 27, 2012

"Graceful Shell Shawl" in Black

Hey everyone!
I know I should have spent my past few days finishing up the sling bag that I'm making for my niece.
You can check it out in THIS POST.
But I get bored working on the same project for a few days...
We all have that problem, don't we?

I came across so many beautiful shawl and scarf patterns on Red Heart website.
A few nights ago, I couldn't fall asleep, so I was browsing that website on my phone.
I fell in love with a few patterns and I know I will be making them..slowly..but definitely. (:

I started on my "Graceful Shell Shawl" (click HERE for the pdf pattern) couple of days ago and I think I'm almost done. There are 9 rows, plus edging and I'm at 7th row YAY! (:

I just hope it will turn out nice and wearable. I would love to wear it to school.
I can't buy the Red Heart Soft Yarn easily here (that is what the pattern calls for), and I figure I should use up the yarns in my stash. I think the yarn I'm using is slightly smaller than what the pattern calls for. The shawl looks slightly small anyway. But I don't mind - I actually prefer it to be smaller.

Anyway, here are the photos. It doesn't look anything like the one in the pattern pdf "yet", but they say the magic is in blocking. So, fingers cross! This is my first attempt at making a shawl and I don't want to end up in disaster. :D Wish me luck!


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