Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Current Knits

Hey everyone! (:
Well, firstly TGIF! I had a long week with 2 tests and lots of lectures.
Didn't the week just fly by?!
It's March now and that means it's a month closer to May, I'm going to Australia again in May :D
Can't wait!

So guess what? I've gotten back into knitting.
You see, I spent too much money on yarns, and I feel quite guilty to spend more on laptop case when I can just make one!
I've been intending to make one since, well, last December...But never got around to it..
And now that I need to bring my laptop to school pretty often, I need one kind of urgently.
Right now, I just stuff my laptop into my huge tote bag and I have a feeling I'd slam it against the door or something some day and break it...
Well, that's how I shattered my tablet's screen. I threw my bag onto my bed so hard, it slammed against the wall beside my bed and my poor tablet became pretty much useless [and it's a gift from Mitch too! :(..]

So, you see why I need a laptop case quite badly.
Anyway, here it is!



I'm liking how it's turning out so far. I'm hoping I've got all the measurements right and the case fits perfectly. I had to restart it about 3 times, cos I casted-on too many stitches.

When I finish, I'll share the free pattern with you! Stay tuned!

Happy weekends! (:


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