Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year Means... calendar, planner and diary, of course!
When the year is ending, I get excited because I can finally get my hands on pretty diaries, calendars, etc.

I haven't gotten myself a new planner, since I don't need one till my uni restarts.
I personally prefer buying a planner than printing one, since well, it's a hell lot of pages!
If you're looking for some unique 2013 planner, Etsy has a feature on it HERE.

But I do love printing calendars and there are so many pretty ones (and FREE!) out there.
I did some hunting around and here are my favorite ones.

(I love the simplicity of it.)


2013 calendar
(I don't normally like Paris-themed, because I think they're overrated...don't hate me for it! But I just love this calendar. It's so tasteful.)  

paris 2013 calendar
5) Get Organized by iMom
(You have to check this one out if you are from United States. I would have printed this out in a heart beat if I stayed in US, since it is sooo ADORABLE! But its monthly themes follow the US holidays, so yep, bummer for me.)

2013 february printable calendar
(I love all the lovely colors.)
(This is my favorite! I will be printing it. So prettyy!)
mini calendar 2013
(I think this one is super useful with plenty of spaces to note down your plans.)
Printable January Calendar
Well, I hope this inspires you to print your own calendars instead of buying them from stores. 
I think it's more fun that way! (:

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